Monday, January 31, 2011

Review of January Goals

After failing a volume prop in early january, I set a fairly tough set of goals for myself for the remainder of the month to get back on track. I stuck to these goals and as a result I achieved a new career best month.

[x] 5k month after bonuses and rakeback
[x] 80k+ Hands
[x] 5+ hours of coaching
[.5] 1 hour a day of session and villian reviews

My month:

+$600 Year End Bonus
+$300 coaching/staking
+$250 cash bonus from FTP

In addition to this, I also think my game has come a long way this month. I've put more work into poker recently than I ever have before, and its starting to show. That said, I need to remain unsatisfied with my play and my results to force constant improvement.

Goals For February:

-90k+ Hands
-10k+ Hands of 200NL
-7k Profit After Rakeback and bonuses
-1500ftp pts/day rolling average
-Sign at least one more horse
-7+ hours of coaching (either for profit or helping Unl players)
-A minimum of 1 hour/day of villian or session review

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