Monday, January 31, 2011

Review of January Goals

After failing a volume prop in early january, I set a fairly tough set of goals for myself for the remainder of the month to get back on track. I stuck to these goals and as a result I achieved a new career best month.

[x] 5k month after bonuses and rakeback
[x] 80k+ Hands
[x] 5+ hours of coaching
[.5] 1 hour a day of session and villian reviews

My month:

+$600 Year End Bonus
+$300 coaching/staking
+$250 cash bonus from FTP

In addition to this, I also think my game has come a long way this month. I've put more work into poker recently than I ever have before, and its starting to show. That said, I need to remain unsatisfied with my play and my results to force constant improvement.

Goals For February:

-90k+ Hands
-10k+ Hands of 200NL
-7k Profit After Rakeback and bonuses
-1500ftp pts/day rolling average
-Sign at least one more horse
-7+ hours of coaching (either for profit or helping Unl players)
-A minimum of 1 hour/day of villian or session review

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Disappointing Finish to Prop: New goals for the Rest of January.

The 72 hours is almost up and I have to say that volume wise this was a complete failure. Ended up realising I wasn't going to make it and giving up really early. Despite FTP server down time and feeling awful throughout, I think I need to avoid making excuses and use my disappointment to motivate myself to make up the volume over the course of the month.

Here are my revised goals for the month:
-80k+ hands
-Minimum one hour per day of session or villain review
-Do a minimum of 5 hours of coaching, either for profit, or helping out Unl players.
-5k profit after bonuses and rakeback.

Graph of Failed Prop:

Fortunately for me, mborg also did not finish, so no loss outside of the fact that I'm extremely competitive, and this will bother me for some time.

I also think that in no way is this unachievable, so I may attempt it again in the near future, with or without any action, simply to reassure myself that I am capable of playing well while putting in this much time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

25k Hand Challenge: 37 Hours Remaining

What was starting to feel like a cold coming on manifested itself as a blinding headache and sore throat this morning. Attempted to play, but couldnt do it. Ended up going to only one of my classes and sleeping through the afternoon.

Woke up around 6pm feeling much better. Made myself some dinner(breakfast?) and coffee  while browsing 2+2 for a bit until I became completely alert. Started the grind around 8pm, and besides a short break to go take a look at a house I'm considering renting in April, I played straight through until 1am. Not quite back on pace yet, but getting close.

The plan is to put in another 2-3k session, and pass out around 6am with the intention of waking up around 1pm for a day of hell. (~11k hands)

Currently Totals:
Time Remaining: 37 hours
Hands: 11346
Profit Before RB: $532.65

Might not update now until I'm finished, wont have alot of spare time tommorrow.


25k Hand Challenge 1st Update. 12 hours 5k hands.

Still on pace to make it, but not exactly where I wanted to be right now. Was feeling like crap this afternoon and ended up taking a nap and sleeping through some of the best hours to play.

So far there have been some pretty decent sized swings, including losing 3 buyins in about 30 seconds at 100nl. Overall, I think I've maintained my composure well, avoided tilt and played primarily my "A" game. Tryed mixing a couple of 50nl rush tables into my stack. (two rush, 14 regular tables) I haven't played rush in months, it seems to be largely the way I left it. Was having some trouble getting my HUD to work though so that might be the end of that experiment.

The plan right now is to put in ~2k more, then grab a couple hours of sleep, and still make it to my 8:30 class. (wish me luck)

Hands: 4991
Profit: $9.15
Hours Remaining 60.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

25k Hands in 72 hours.

My First Entry

I figured since for a change I'm actually doing something somewhat interesting, and would have something to write about now would be an opportune time to start up a poker blog.

I'm completely aware that 25k hands in 3 days is nothing to some people, but this is by far the biggest grind I've ever put in. There's a small amount of prop bet action on this to increase my motivation, but I wont say who or what amount to avoid exposing mborg's degeneracy. ;)

Assuming I don’t get lazy and give up, I’ll try to update here a few times so there’s something to follow. I'm mkus33 on ftp, if you see me at the tables, feel free to donate some money to help keep me going.

To prove I'm not a mega grinder here's my month so far:

Total right now for the prop as of 3pm EST January 11 2011 (start time):
0 hands
0 hours played
$0 earned