Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Disappointing Finish to Prop: New goals for the Rest of January.

The 72 hours is almost up and I have to say that volume wise this was a complete failure. Ended up realising I wasn't going to make it and giving up really early. Despite FTP server down time and feeling awful throughout, I think I need to avoid making excuses and use my disappointment to motivate myself to make up the volume over the course of the month.

Here are my revised goals for the month:
-80k+ hands
-Minimum one hour per day of session or villain review
-Do a minimum of 5 hours of coaching, either for profit, or helping out Unl players.
-5k profit after bonuses and rakeback.

Graph of Failed Prop:

Fortunately for me, mborg also did not finish, so no loss outside of the fact that I'm extremely competitive, and this will bother me for some time.

I also think that in no way is this unachievable, so I may attempt it again in the near future, with or without any action, simply to reassure myself that I am capable of playing well while putting in this much time.

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