Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review of February Goals/Ending a downswing

I think most people would look at my results for february would say my month went pretty well.
That said, I'm not most people, and Im in no way satisfied. There were too many swings, there were too many tilt sessions, and I didnt work on my game near enough. I fell short of my profit goal, and didnt put near enough time into studying the game.
February Goals:
[x] 90k+ Hands
[x]10k+ Hands of 200NL
[  ]7k Profit After Rakeback and bonuses
[x]1500ftp pts/day rolling average
[  ]Sign at least one more horse
[x]7+ hours of coaching (either for profit or helping Unl players)
[  ]A minimum of 1 hour/day of villian or session review
To add to my misery, I started off march with a massive downswing, mostly at 200NL. Due to my obssession with ending sessions at even or better, I've put in record volume to start the month fighting through this, and am happy to be finally back in the positive. That said my play throughout it definetly left something to be desired. I usually never tilt, but i'll admit I had some weak moments at the low points of the downswing that served to drag it out far more than necessary.
My month so far:
Goals for March:
I'd like to try to use the disaapointing first week of march to motivate me to grind harder the rest of the month and try to get back on track.
My Goals for March Are:
-100k+ Hands
-35k+ Hands at 200NL+
-7+ hours of Coaching (either for profit or with Unl Players)
-7k profit after rakeback+bonuses
-Save for and purchase 2k cash bonus
-20hours of session or villian review
-Continue looking for more horses
GL at the tables

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