Monday, January 10, 2011

25k Hand Challenge 1st Update. 12 hours 5k hands.

Still on pace to make it, but not exactly where I wanted to be right now. Was feeling like crap this afternoon and ended up taking a nap and sleeping through some of the best hours to play.

So far there have been some pretty decent sized swings, including losing 3 buyins in about 30 seconds at 100nl. Overall, I think I've maintained my composure well, avoided tilt and played primarily my "A" game. Tryed mixing a couple of 50nl rush tables into my stack. (two rush, 14 regular tables) I haven't played rush in months, it seems to be largely the way I left it. Was having some trouble getting my HUD to work though so that might be the end of that experiment.

The plan right now is to put in ~2k more, then grab a couple hours of sleep, and still make it to my 8:30 class. (wish me luck)

Hands: 4991
Profit: $9.15
Hours Remaining 60.


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