Monday, January 10, 2011

25k Hand Challenge: 37 Hours Remaining

What was starting to feel like a cold coming on manifested itself as a blinding headache and sore throat this morning. Attempted to play, but couldnt do it. Ended up going to only one of my classes and sleeping through the afternoon.

Woke up around 6pm feeling much better. Made myself some dinner(breakfast?) and coffee  while browsing 2+2 for a bit until I became completely alert. Started the grind around 8pm, and besides a short break to go take a look at a house I'm considering renting in April, I played straight through until 1am. Not quite back on pace yet, but getting close.

The plan is to put in another 2-3k session, and pass out around 6am with the intention of waking up around 1pm for a day of hell. (~11k hands)

Currently Totals:
Time Remaining: 37 hours
Hands: 11346
Profit Before RB: $532.65

Might not update now until I'm finished, wont have alot of spare time tommorrow.


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